New vs. Used: Reasons to Consider a Used Car in San Antonio

May 21st, 2022 by

Buying a vehicle is not a small decision. It requires research and deliberation because for many, purchasing a car is one of the largest purchases you will make. However, when it comes to actually getting an automobile, there are two options. People can either get a brand new vehicle or a pre-owned one. While each has its own benefits and drawbacks, a strong case can be made for used cars having more advantages than their newer alternatives.

The San Antonio used car market has witnessed a significant boom especially over the last few years. Getting a pre-owned vehicle is not only affordable but provides a variety of other merits like lower depreciation and more choices. With a vast market that is experiencing rapid growth, experts advise preferring used cars over new. Here are some other reasons to consider pre-owned vehicles over the latest models:


When it comes to financing and cost, used cars remain far superior to brand new vehicles. Indeed, a used car might not have the latest features and equipment but they can come close. When a used car offers a significant variety of creature comforts at a discounted price, it is better to go with it. New cars have heavy infusions of tech and performance, but that sometimes come at exorbitant prices and these costs are not always affordable for all customers.

The price advantage that a used car offers can allow people to expand their options. You can even upgrade to a better, nicer trim even if it is not a brand new one. Price differences between new and used cars are sometimes quite large which means that the savings people make provide a cushion for upgrades like better stereos, infotainment systems, tyres and rims etc. This can translate into great merit for customers.

Benefits of Lower Losses in Depreciation

Vehicles, like a lot of other physical assets, undergo depreciation. This means that their value steadily decreases over time. Luxury or limited production run models are an exception as their prices can appreciate over the years due to the market dynamics. However, with normal family vehicles, this is not the case. Depreciation therefore becomes a major advantage for picking a San Antonio used car over a brand new model.

In the first year, certain new models can lose up to 40% of their value. Unlike new vehicles, there is no depreciation on a used car at the moment you drive it off the lot. There’s also less mental wear and tear, as there’s no need to be concerned about the first parking lot dent or rock chip in the paint. With little to no price losses that you have to worry about, you can experience mental satisfaction as well.

Lower Insurance Rates

The insurance of a car is determined by its age but in most cases, used vehicles are cheaper to insure. There are different factors like driver history, credit score, mileage and location which determine insurance costs. However, the cost of a vehicle is also an element of consideration. Since used vehicles are priced much lower than a new vehicle, the cost to insure it comes out less as well. This becomes another determining element to support the decision of buying a San Antonio used car.

If your vehicle is older, you might want to seek liability coverage solely if your state allows it, rather than comprehensive and collision coverage if your vehicle is newer. However, insurance costs are not always consistent, so compare rates. At the same time, research your estimated auto insurance cost before leaving the dealership to save money. Even the smallest benefit from lower insurance can add up to significant savings later.

Less Dealership Fees

Both new and used vehicles have certain dealership fees that are payable when the car is driven off the lot. However, just like insurance, this cost varies not only between states but also between newer and older models. Since the price of a pre-owned car is lower, the associated dealership fees decrease too.

Greater Value for Money

All things considered, a used car offers greater value for the money as compared to the newer models. Not only do owners increase their options but their purchasing power is increased. For instance, you want a particular brand of luxury car, there are chances that you might not be able to afford the latest version. On the other hand, a few model years older can fall perfectly in your budget. Also, most car models only radically transform after 4-5 years which means you are not missing out on a lot of upgrades.

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A San Antonio used car is an overall more sensible option especially when compared with a new model. There are a variety of advantages associated with the purchase of a pre-owned model, which ultimately translates to savings and peace of mind.