4 Reasons to Trust Your Chevy Maintenance to a Dealership

June 9th, 2022 by

When it comes to auto repair or regular maintenance, there are plenty of options out there. While some might suggest you take your vehicle to an automotive dealership, others will refute the claim that independent technicians have the same knowledge as highly-trained professionals and charge less. However, no matter what the damage is, the reality is that if you want the best services for your vehicle, the right place to bring it to is a San Antonio Chevy maintenance dealership. No one knows a Chevrolet better than the highly-trained and certified Chevy dealership technicians. Along with over a million hours of collective training, they have all the tools and resources needed to fix your Chevy! Here are four reasons why you should always bring your Chevy vehicle to a San Antonio Chevy maintenance dealership for quality services:

1.    They Are Just as Passionate about Your Chevy’s Maintenance as You

The technicians at the San Antonio Chevy maintenance dealership understand that the Chevrolet drivers are passionate about their vehicle. Homes across Texas abound with powerful Silverado and gleaming Camaros, each taken precise care of by a loving owner. Therefore, when you own a luxury vehicle such as a Chevy, you are not just about to entrust your baby to anybody. Your technician should understand your values and should treat and appreciate your vehicle with the same love and respect.

2.    The Perfect Choice for Big and Small Fixes

Whether your Chevy needs extensive repairs using OEM parts or basic repairs, the San Antonio Chevy maintenance technicians have got you covered. Once you bring in your Chevy, the technicians will start the maintenance or service process by conducting a full inspection of the vehicle, including the engine performance, brake maintenance, and other systems.

The trained technicians at a dealership know precisely which fluids and parts work best for your vehicle and will do all the charging, filling, and draining while you sit back and relax. Furthermore, if your Chevrolet is facing more extensive repairs after a complex breakdown or fender bender, the San Antonio Chevy maintenance technicians will do both; diagnose the problem promptly and get you back on the road in no time. In short, the best thing about dealership maintenance is that they don’t only repair your Chevy, but they make it drive like new!

3.    Save Your Vehicle’s Warranty – Repair Your Car at the Dealership

Did you know that even today, more than 70% of people opt for independent mechanics over dealership service centers? If you are one of them and believe that dealerships are costly, note that you are making a big mistake. This means that in an effort to save a few bucks, you might actually be negating your Chevy’s warranty. In simpler words, a San Antonio Chevy maintenance technician will study your vehicle’s warranty and let you know about the repairs and part replacement covered by the manufacturer. Hence, instead of paying extra, you will get the best maintenance while saving money on repairs and services in the long run. Moreover, a dealership technician will help you better understand your vehicle’s functionality and requirements, increasing its durability and resale value.

4.    Maintains a Complete Vehicle History – Recall Service

As a vehicle owner, you should maintain a complete car record of the maintenance, repairs, and services performed throughout the years. A complete vehicle history will be helpful not only when you plan to sell your Chevy but also for your own record. However, you usually forget to maintain the record when you get vehicle services from random independent mechanics. On the other hand, at a San Antonio Chevy maintenance dealership, the technicians will ensure a complete record of your vehicle’s repair and services, bolstering your vehicle’s overall value. So, all you need to do is ask them for a printout whenever needed.

Lastly, in case you miss a scheduled service, the technicians at a dealership will send you a timely email or text message as a reminder. Hence, your Chevy’s maintenance will always be on track.

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Even though many people might be dissuading you from visiting a Chevy dealership as the cost of services might be slightly higher compared to private mechanics, it is a misconception. With extensive years of training and experience, the quality of work offered by the technicians at a San Antonio Chevy maintenance dealership is unmatched. The technicians know your vehicle like the back of their hand.  With the aim to get you back on the road as soon as possible, the technicians are committed to providing you with the most efficient services in San Antonio while teaching you everything you need to know about your Chevy. So, what is the wait for? Bring your car to a San Antonio Chevy maintenance dealership for an in-depth inspection and service.