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Professional Chevy Auto Service In New Braunfels


When you’re looking for the best professional Chevy auto service in New Braunfels, your first and last stop is ValMark Chevrolet. Your vehicle is a vital asset that needs protection. From minor scratch repairs to frame straightening to routine maintenance checkups, the professionals at our auto service center in New Braunfels are committed to providing you with the vehicle repair services of your needs. Read on to learn more about our auto repair services in New Braunfels.

What Chevy Auto Service Do You Need?

Routine maintenance is an important part of your Chevy auto service schedule. From timely oil changes to new brakes, your vehicle maintenance schedule keeps your new Chevy operating smoothly and efficiently. It is essential to have that service completed by qualified professionals who are experts with Chevy models and experienced with the brand. Having your Chevy auto service done by New Braunfels professionals saves you money and gives you peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in the safest hands.

As a certified Chevrolet auto service in New Braunfels, we service 100’s of cars every year. A few of the common Chevy repairs we encounter every day are listed below.

Battery Check & Replacement

Maybe the most important piece of equipment in your car, the battery is the spark that brings your vehicle to life. Without a proper battery in working order, your car cannot start. Having the battery checked by professionals on a regular basis and replaced if necessary ensures your car, SUV, or truck fires up every time you turn the key.

Engine Inspection

Without proper engine maintenance, your Chevy won’t take you anywhere. Having your engine routinely inspected by professional auto service technicians in New Braunfels means you catch small issues before they become big, expensive issues. Routine engine inspections can keep you from sitting on the side of the road dialing up a tow truck when your car quits running unexpectedly. It is always better to catch engine problems earlier rather than later.

New Brakes

Regular brake inspections and replacement are essential to your safety on the road. A professional New Braunfels auto service center can check out your brakes and replace them before they fail you can cost you thousands of dollars or your life. It is essential that you keep your brakes in excellent repair as brake failure is a major cause of accidents in New Braunfels.

New Tires & Wheel Alignment For Your Chevy

Are your Chevy tires wearing thin? Your truck pulling to one side or the other on the road? It’s time for a wheel alignment or new tires. Our professional auto service center in New Braunfels can inspect and replace your tires or get you that wheel alignment in a fast and efficient manner. We strive to get your Chevy repaired and back on the road in no time.

Regular Oil Changes

Take the time for regular oil changes for your Chevy vehicle. An oil change is one of the vehicle maintenance functions we perform daily in New Braunfels. Maintaining the proper oil levels and clean oil is essential for the efficient operation of your vehicle. With clean oil, your vehicle operates more smoothly, stays cooler, and even saves you at the pump.

Find Professional Chevy Auto Service In New Braunfels

When you are looking for professional Chevy auto service in New Braunfels, your first and last stop is ValMark Chevrolet. Our certified professionals are knowledgeable about your vehicle and know exactly what it needs to run at optimal performance levels. We invite you to get in touch with the professional auto service center at ValMark Chevy in New Braunfels for your next Chevy auto repair. You can easily schedule auto service online so your tune-up is done in accordance with your busy schedule. Our professional auto service technicians will be friendly, honest, and efficient.