3 Chevy Maintenance Items to Consider Before the Weather Changes

August 5th, 2022 by

Maintaining your automobile is a year-round task, but as the weather cools and the state of the roads becomes better, it becomes even more crucial to do so. It’s essential to locate a reputable New Braunfels Chevy maintenance facility where the expectation of excellent service to clients at each visit is given undivided attention.

We’ve put together this list of three preventative maintenance suggestions you should keep in mind as the weather gets cooler in order to keep you and your car safe as the weather changes.


Since they will undergo wear and tear on a regular basis, tires are an essential component of seasonal preventative maintenance. Rotation and alignment are important as the weather changes and the ambient temperature changes. Your tires’ tread eventually wears off, typically more so on one side than the other. Driving may become irregular as a result, and over time, steering may become challenging. You may improve the smoothness of your car’s operation and prolong the life of your tires by changing the placement of your tires on a regular basis.

Oil Change

The vast majority of individuals are informed that changing the oil in your car is one of the simplest ways to keep it running well, but not everyone knows why or how frequently this should be done. Oil has the job of lubricating moving elements of an engine. For instance, the combustion process causes the pistons to move, giving the engine the force it needs to propel your car.

The engine may eventually seize if the pistons are not properly lubricated, which can lead to a number of other issues. This is a severe problem that might necessitate replacing the engine, which would be a very pricey fix. Especially if you frequently drive in stop-and-go traffic, every vehicle should undergo regular oil inspections to top off oil if it must be replaced for proper lubrication.

Unsurprisingly, summer and spring can lead to an accumulation of extra dust and debris in your car. During these warm seasons, environmental elements that affect the health of your car, such as dry, sandy roads, rainfall, bugs, and other environmental factors, are more intense, so it is a good idea to get an oil change. In addition to your oil becoming dirty over time, the temperature increase from the lengthy summer months can accelerate the fluid loss in your car.

Your car’s oil will eventually clump and stick, making it unusable. An oil change should be performed after every 10,000 miles or six months (check your vehicle manual for recommended oil change schedule).

Change your oil according to the instructions in your owner’s manual, and for optimal performance, only use the oil Chevy recommends. The three oils that are most frequently used in New Braunfels Chevy maintenance of engines are Mobil 1 Full Synthetic, ACDelco Conventional, and ACDelco Dexos1. Every engine is calibrated differently, and various model generations may have tunings that call for a certain kind of oil.

Always consult the owner’s handbook to determine the right kind of oil to use, and then get the oil changed as instructed. The majority of vehicles no longer require 3,000-mile oil changes thanks to synthetic oil, but it’s still crucial to change the oil at the suggested intervals. This prevents the oil from containing any debris that would make it run thick and sluggish and inadequately lube the pistons. Getting your oil changed might be a fantastic opportunity to get other crucial systems checked as well.

Brake and Air Conditioning Inspection

Any time the seasons change is a good opportunity to get a brake inspection because the stopping power decreases in the event of a snowfall (which, while rare in Austin, can happen). The rotor, disk, drum, pads and callipers will all be examined by your mechanic to ensure all is in working order. This is the ideal time to update your brake pads if you haven’t in a while. Put those new brake pads in place so your automobile will have the best chance possible of coming to a smooth stop when it needs to brake. You’ll be happy you did when the roads are slippery.

You’ll need a car that can maintain a comfortable temperature as the weather changes. Therefore, seasonal transitions are an excellent opportunity to have your air conditioning and heating systems examined, whether you’re transitioning from the cozy spring months into the sweltering summer heat or from the cool autumn days into the chilly winter weather. To ensure that your car is warm and toasty in the winter and cool and pleasant in the summer, your mechanic will perform a visual examination, look for any leaks or issues with fluids and ventilation, and make minor repairs.

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If you didn’t know it already, New Braunfels Chevy maintenance is crucial because it ensures that your vehicle remains functional despite the changing seasons. Get the needful done today to keep enjoying a smooth ride!