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Mother Nature is mostly unpredictable, but one thing we can say with certainty is that drastic weather changes are capable of causing a lot of damage to your car. When an exceptionally heavy hailstorm damages your car’s surface with a huge dent or ruins its paint job, you are left with the stress of having it look perfect again. In such a situation, you might wonder if you can fix hail damage repair in New Braunfels yourself.

Can It Be a DIY Project?

Technically, yes but most probably, no. It depends on the extent of damage caused by the hail but there is a strong chance you won’t have the tools or experience available to deal with it yourself. If you do wish to do it yourself, here are some methods that are common.

Hail Damage Repair with Suction-Cup Pulling

Another method that can be done yourself is through a suction cup. These tools are placed directly on the tent and then pulled up, this smooths the surface of the car. If there are numerous dents, which is the case after a hail storm, it could be physically exhausting and time-consuming.

Hail Damage Repair with a Heat Gun

When a car is dented, and when it is because of hail, there are numerous dents, causing the metal to stretch to some extent. To fix this stretch, remove any trace of a dent and ensure the surface looks perfect again, you could use the quick heat and cool method. A heat gun can be used to warm the dent on a low to medium setting and then treated with something very cold, like a can of compressed air. The concept behind this is that heat will result in the metal being more malleable and the swift cooling because of the ice would help it contract, thus removing the car’s dent. However, this is not a foolproof method. In fact, overheating the surface of the car could also damage the paint and worsen the situation.

Why A Professional Is Better For Hail Damage Repair in New Braunfels

Most people are wary of heading to an auto shop because they would be overcharged for their repairs and not have a vehicle at hand for a long time. However, this is not necessarily the truth and there are numerous reasons you should opt for an auto shop for hail damage repair in New Braunfels.

Expert Technicians
When an auto shop fixes any damage or dents to your vehicle, they are highly certified, trained, and expert technicians. They are experienced and have the knowledge and tools required to ensure the job is done right the first time.

Guarantee of Repair
Depending on the auto shop you choose, most of them have a guarantee of repair, This tends to mean that they are guaranteeing the repair quality for the time period you own the car for.

Modern Repair Tools

For hail damage, most professional auto body shops prefer to use paintless dent repair. Trained technicians use metal rods of varying sizes and shapes that work together to push every dent out of the vehicle’s surface from underneath in PDR.

Numerous Repair Methods

An experienced auto shop would offer various repair options to you to handle the damage caused by hail to your car. Depending on the level of hail damage repair in New Braunfels, you might need a combination of several repair methods. These could be body panel replacements, filler or glazing, crack repair, or paintless dent repair.

Easy Insurance Claims

Working alongside your insurance company can sometimes prove to be a headache. However, a lot of auto body shops coordinate with them on your behalf and handle the entire repair process. All you would need to do is drop off your car and pick it up once it is repaired.

Is Hail Damage Covered by Insurance?

The coverage for repair from hail damage can vary based on your policy. The most minimum level is whether or not collision coverage, liability coverage, or comprehensive coverage is a part of your insurance policy. Comprehensive coverage covers your car in case of damage due to things except for a collision. For instance, a natural disaster like hail or fire.

Find Hail Damage Repair In New Braunfels

If your car has been damaged by hail and you are confused as to how and where to get it repaired, contact Valmark Chevy in New Braunfels for you.

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